The Mechanics of Media Hype

We just presented our idea of investigating whether media hype does more harm than good in relation to the Silk Road today but Jonathon (hello you are reading this now) raised the problem that we had thought about previously, which was the interesting things like anonymity and privacy don’t really fit in with this line of thought… How are we going to mash all these ideas into a coherent whole??

I thought more research into media hype and what some people have said about it will help conceptually connect everything, so I did a quick search and found this interesting blog post about Bitcoins and the way that media hype (negative and positive?) has affected the adoption of it through time.

I guess at the moment, the Silk Road would be at the peak of inflated expectations stage. Maybe an approach from the theory behind media hype will better structure our feature, instead of coming from a media point of view. We could instead see media as important influencers in this stage, except with the Silk Road there seems not to be any disillusionment or danger since authorities haven’t exactly caught up yet with the anonymity aspect of it, resulting in little ‘down-side’ to the experience. Maybe we can see if any other downsides can be found through talking to other users? Just musing.


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