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This post is Emma Approved

The Bernie Su and Hank Green team behind the innovative Lizzie Bennet Diaries has announced that they will once again bring Jane Austen classics to life in the vlog format. The new show, called “Emma Approved”, as the title suggests, is based on Austen’s novel Emma and will be set in the same universe as their popular Pride and Prejudice adaptation.

The announcement has excited fans such as myself, as unlike in the first series where it made no sense for the male protagonist to appear in Lizzie Bennet’s personal, confessional style vlogs, the male love interest of Mr. Knightley will more than likely appear from the beginning as Emma’s older BFF/brother figure. Fans will no longer have to wait 50 episodes in to catch a glimpse of their leading man.

This aspect of the source material also paves the way for interesting transmedia storytelling opportunities as the teasing banter the two share in the book would make for interesting twitter conversations filled with ZINGERS.

Here’s hoping they make it a little less incestuous than it was in the original, with Mr. Knightley being her sister’s husband’s older brother, and in the eponymous 90s classic Clueless, where they were step siblings (albeit for a very short time).

Check out the very pretty teaser website.

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